10 Months Sadhana in Tantra Yoga Course in Chandragiri, Kathmandu

This 10-month program is designed to give a complete education in Eastern yogic philosophies, sciences, and practices from all traditions in the field of yoga. Deepen your theoretical understanding through Satsang talks about different spiritual/yogic topics with the guru. This program is designed for people who are dedicated to walking the path of Tantra yoga.

10 Months Sadhana in Tantra Yoga Course in Chandragiri, Kathmandu

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$ 6,100


300 Days


Kathmandu, Nepal

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Program Hightlights:

  • ⚝ Twice daily yoga classes and daily morning chanting of Sanskrit scriptures
  • ⚝ Satsang talks about different spiritual/yogic topics with the guru
  • ⚝ Karma yoga (selfless service) and kirtan and mantra ceremonies
  • ⚝ Opportunity to learn Sanskrit as the foundation for mantra yoga
  • ⚝ Stay in a beautiful ashram setting with hot water and 24-hour Wi-Fi
  • ⚝ Self-study with provided yogic literature
  • ⚝ 3 meals a day will be provided
  • ⚝ 299 nights of accommodation


Program Overview

Tantra yoga embodies five different yoga systems, taught by Shiva: Hatha yoga, Astanga yoga, Mantra yoga, Laya yoga, and Shiva-Shakti yoga. Tantra yoga is a way of living, turning yoga into one’s lifestyle. It purifies all different aspects of one’s life, to eventually lead you to the ultimate goal of life; self-realization. Tantra is the art of being free from all physical, mental, and spiritual bondage through the expansion of energy.

It develops handling power to not be dependent on any external situation. In tantra, everything is sadhana. To eat is a sadhana and to not eat is a sadhana, to marry is a sadhana and to not marry is a sadhana. It does not matter what one does, all that matters is one's consciousness and awareness one has in any activity or situation. To live in the world from a liberated state of being.

During the one-year course, one will get initiated into the tantra tradition by the Guru. The aim is to get established in the yogic field, and to continue it for the rest of one's life.


Shanti Yoga Ashram provides guests with an ashram environment in a homestay setting, surrounded by the splendor of nature. This affords a cozy environment conducive to spiritual practice where those who stay at the ashram can get a taste of the authentic yogic lifestyle along with traditional Nepalese culture.

The ashram provides a few private rooms and shared twin rooms, availability is based on current occupancy. Each room is accompanied by shared bathrooms (shower with hot water and Western-style toilets).

Water for bathing is powered by solar. Electrical outages are part of life in Nepal, however, it is easy to adapt since there is solar energy for heating water and gas or fire for cooking. There are lights that are battery-powered, not dependent on the coming and going of electricity.

If you are coming for a specific course or retreat, you are welcome to arrive in the late afternoon before the program begins so that you will be able to start the first day feeling fresh, rested, and ready to begin.

The ashram differs from retreat centers because of its simplicity and focus on the application of the yogic lifestyle as taught by the scriptures and continued from guru to disciple.