Our Teachers

The Guru and family invite people to practice sadhana together with them, to grow together as a community.

The ashram can be compared to a tree. When the tree is small, it is protected with a fence to prevent from harm by people and animals. When the tree has grown big and strong, the fence is removed as it is ready to provide shelter and shadow for those around. The ashram provides a supportive environment to become ready to share the light. On the spiritual path, patience and commitment are required. The one without patience starts digging for oil, but halfway loses hope for any oil and therefore moves to the next place. Again one digs halfway and after not finding oil in a short time, one moves to the next place. Only after digging the same spot for a long time, with dedication and faith, one will find the oil.

Shanti Yoga Ashram is a vibrant blend of ashram, children’s school and home, fueled by a loving family. The vision for the ashram is to provide a nurturing environment for spiritual seekers to learn, develop, grow and contribute to their own spiritual growth and the growth of others.

Along with learning the technical and theoretical aspects of yoga, the ashram creates an environment where you can experience genuine yogic lifestyle. The ashram is located in a small town outside of Kathmandu, so you will be able to learn yoga within the context of Nepalese life and Eastern culture, the womb from which yoga was born. The ashram flows with the rhythms of life and is an ideal place to learn the art of acceptance and surrender, which lead to a permanent state of equanimity, the ultimate goal of practicing yoga.

For people who want to learn classical yoga with spiritual depth and experience traditional Nepalese culture, our homestay yoga ashram provides a unique and authentic opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Land of Tantra, where yoga was born.

Yogini Rama

Co-founder of Shanti Yoga Ashram and naturopathic doctor, begain her study of yoga at Bihar School of Yoga in 2001. She then continued studying under the guidance Swami Shivalingham.

Yogini Prakriti

Born into a yogi family, she grew up in the Shanti Yoga Ashram, living Shiva’s teachings right from the start: transformation, meditation, and the destruction of ego and ignorance.

Lilendra Purush Dhakal

Member of the management team, getting established in all teachings of Guru Yogi Prakash.

Katalin Ambrosia (Yogini Sita)

Regularly serving at the Ashram for specific residential programs and also sharing Guruji’s teachings abroad.